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Salesforce1 is a revolutionary new interface for Salesforce that is not only gorgeous, but for many use cases it's faster! Unfortunately, Salesforce1 is understood by many to be a mobile only interface, available only on iOS and Android devices. Motion1 changes that. With Motion1, Mac users running OS X on their desktops and laptops, can securely log into their Salesforce orgs and utilize the Salesforce1 interface.

All the features of Salesforce1 that we've come to know and love are present here:

  • Push Notifications If your org has them enabled.
  • Org Admin controlled object and app settings
  • SF1 Enabled Apps like TaskRay
  • The Tasks and Dashboards apps
  • Publisher Actions

In addition to all that, Motion1 has a few extra tricks up it's sleeve:

  • Motion1 is multi-org by default. You can log into 1 or all of your orgs. Simply use the file menu and select the type of org you want to log into. At the moment, Production (which includes developer and my-Domain orgs), Sandbox and Pre-Release orgs are supported.
  • Native app integration for Mail. Use to write emails? when you click on an email link in Motion1, the link is transparently handed off to your selected Mail client.

Sadly, somethings don't work yet:

  • You can't make a call from within Motion1, at least until osX 10.10 Yosimite is released this fall.
  • You can't login to the Success Community (yet)

How does it work?

Motion1 utilizes RubyMotion to present X number of windows to the user, each with a predefined login url to either a production ( or sandbox ( and Salesforce presents their standard login form. Once your credentials are submitted to Salesforce (** At no time does Motion1 access, or store your credentials**) and you're successfully authenticated, the App directs you to /one/ the web formatted version of Salesforce1. Each window remains independent -- credentials are silo'd to the window presenting that org.


I hate Chatter desktop. Actually thats not true. I don't like flex / flash and the adobe bit that powers Chatter desktop has always poked my "can you do it better?" brain spot. Additionally, I wanted something that was multi-org. I didn't want to keep multipe browser's or multiple private browsing tabs open to stay in touch with the 5 orgs I'm regularly in. This is a step in the right direction at least. In additition to it's utility as a replacement for Chatter desktop, here are some other things you can do with it:

  • It's a much more lightweight "simulator" when your developing a SF1 mobile app.
  • It's a great way to have multiple logins (as different roles / profiles) into the same org to see how objects and apps behave
  • It's resizable to emulate various Android screen sizes/resolutions

How can I help?

  • File bug reports that tell me how to reproduce the issue regardless of the org I log into. If an issue is only reproduceable in your org ... hard to help. You can file issues here: []
  • Come up with awesome ideas of what to do next. File an issue!
  • Edit the wiki!
  • Buy me a beer, or whatever.
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